JUNE 2017
Hi Membership!

Looks like this coming week will have some sunshine, but “hot” is not in the forecast.  At least a little warmer.

On May 16th.,  we went to Beacon Hill Park.  It was a very cool day there, so the turnout was small. The usual
suspects..Ann Nolte, Joan Head, Terry McBride, Christine and Larry, Rand, and some more.  When I arrived,
the geese were running all over the park area where our Club had put down stakes…and they were honking
like mad!  You could not hear yourself think, never mind concentrate enough to paint.  Maybe they were
angry.  My favourite picture is the one of the two geese, one harassing the other.
Ann, Christine and Joan were able to put something on their canvases.  Joan eventually gave up, shaking with
cold, and annoyed at the geese.  Then the rain came,  said their good byes, and everyone ran to their cars.  

On June 6th. we went to Government House, one of two visits there.  It was an absolutely stunning day.  The
sun was brightly shining, the gardeners were busy everywhere, people were walking their adorable little dogs,
and the irises were standing very tall and proud, in all sorts of colours, yellow, purple, orange.  Everyone was
smiling in our group, and very caring and considerate. The painting was followed by a very interesting tour of
the Government House. Thank you Rand, for organizing this.
Here is some news about what our  busy members are doing.  Last year Joan Head painted the 4 Winds
Boutique when we were at Fisherman’s Wharf.  She emailed her painting to the Boutique.  They responded by
asking Joan to make some cards of her painting to sell at the Boutique…and so these are for sale there.  You
can buy them from her directly at the Club!  Well done!
Niramon Prudtatorn will be participating in the “Gorge on Art” on July 1st., when local artists can exhibit their
work during the July 1st. Canada Day celebration. There will be live music, refreshments, etc.  Google "Call
for Artists:  Gorge on Art 2017- Arts Victoria".  She will also be participating in the Moss Street Paint in July

Bonny Myers is getting a new name tag…and thought that it  might be a good idea to put the VSC logo on the
tag, along with her name.  Others who haven’t got their name tag yet might be interested to do this as well.  
Contact Bonny  at bonnymyers@gmail.com, if you are interested.

Don’t forget Rand’s email that invites Members to submit a painting of the Government House grounds…to be
selected in Sept.  Rand will keep us informed of this opportunity.

Well, Membership, that is all for now.  Keep on sending news to me.  Everyone likes to hear how and what
people are doing…especially in these summer months when people are away, and sometimes not as active in
the Club as in the fall, winter and spring months.

Be well, all.  Joy Jondahl, Communications Director.