AUGUST - 2017
Hi Membership,

Hope you are enjoying our beautiful summer, and watering your gardens, those of you that have one!  My  
poor garden is showing signs of stress.  

The first thing I want to say is that I apologize for getting Peter Marcetta’s name wrong when I posted his
picture in the last newsletter.  I named him Pieter Van der Leeden!
Next year’s Annual Show at Glenlyon School will be from March 19th. [ set up] to March 26th. [take down].  
Get painting!

Now, for pictures of our summer sessions;  Thunderbird park, with Ann Nolte, Sharon Stone, and yes, again,
Here are some more pictures from the Moss St. paint in: Victor…geez, he is a popular guy!  And Niramon.
Here are some from Cordova Bay…a beautiful day.  Everyone sat at a table and had lunch (except me…I
didn’t have time to fix something).  Here are Susan Brison, Rand, Susan and Myra, and our dear Caroline
Here are photos from the Gonzolas Land Conservatory on Denison hill…wonderful views. Victor again.
Sorry, membership, the photos from Bonny’s home this week were buried in my emails somewhere, and I
can’t find them.  Maybe next time.

Instead, I am closing with a picture of the cutest dog, waiting patiently for his owner to give him a piece of
his lunch.  He sat about 20 minutes or so in this exact position.  Good dog.
Joy Jondahl,
Communications Director.