Hi Membership:

Well, “It’s Christmas All Over Again”, as the saying goes.    Here is a picture of my almost headless
Santa, that I put on my mantle at the beginning of December every year, signifying the beginning of the
holiday season.
Everyone that visits always comments on his small head.  I have to remind people that this is an artistic
piece, not a replica of the Santa who holds a coca cola in his hand.  
I’ve been thinking lately about Christmas in Canada.  Because we are a nation of many nationalities,
families create their own traditions.  My family is European, so I have always seen Christmas Eve as the
main day of celebration.  As children, we always opened our presents on Christmas Eve, and that was the
night of our special family dinner.  I aways kept that tradition with my own family, even though others
celebrated on Christmas Day.   I still have difficulty adjusting to Christmas Eve being a day when people
are still swarming the malls looking for gifts or bargains.  To me it should be a day for families and good
food.  An Austrian friend of mine told me today that their family put the Christmas tree up on Christmas
Eve, and begin their Christmas celebrations then.  They have a large special meal in the evening, and
then the children open their presents.  they have a nice meal the next day too, when relatives get together
and visit.  Christmas here begins, in a way, when the stores start selling their Christmas goods.  I think,
along with many others, think  that it has become so commercial, so gift orientated, and that traditions are
being lost.  I long for my mother’s Christmas baking.  Not many of us spend time baking for Christmas.  
People are out shopping.  

Maybe at the Christmas lunch, on the 25th. of December, when we get together over our  nice meal, it
would be lovely  if people might share their Christmas traditions, or the traditions they came from.

The lunch is pot luck, and always wonderful.  Bring your own plates and utensils.  Please come.
Bonny talked to us about Artemus Place Secondary School for young women, which is an alternative
program, where girls not fitting into the regular school structure can go.  The girls could use art supplies,
so if you have extra supplies that you are not using, bring them along to the luncheon on Dec. 5th. and
give them to Bonny.  A great cause.  Thank you Bonny for suggesting this to the club.  

Last week, Sophia Morrison, a past member of our club,  gave us a demonstration  of her unique work..  
Her work is very creative, but her approach is disciplined.  Her colours are balanced within the frame, and
she has an off centred focal point, which she begins with and she work with layers of colours and
On Tuesday this week  we had  a nude model.  Hard work for most of us, but a great work out for
drawing….with interesting results.  The poses are often a challenge for many of us.  

I received an email from Nicole Sleeth, who gave us a demonstration of her work last year.  She does
huge nude portraits, and teaches drawing and painting from her studio in Chinatown.  Below  on the left is
a sample of her work.  On the 6th. of December the Fortune Gallery will have their winter show.  There will
be small works by the artists listed on the poster below all priced below $600. The show will run until the
end of December.  
After the New Year, the club starts gearing up for the March Show at Glenlyon School.  Some of our
Tuesdays are planned in preparation for the show, and people have the show in mind when painting still
life, etc.  Sharon and Bonny will be asking for volunteers during the show, and i hope all who are able to
step up and contribute your time and energy.  It takes each and every one of us to make it a success.  

A reminder folks, that you should email your photos of one painting  by January 12th. that could be
chosen for our poster for this year’s show, or for the bookmarks.  Also, please give Bonny any old
watercolours that you don’t want to keep to create the bookmarks that are given out at the Show.

Nice to see Barry W. back in the fold, at least till February, when he will be off again for a while.  

Good to see Virginia H. and Susan B. back at the club, as well as myself after long periods of absence
due to illness.  

I wish I had more news for you all!  If you do, or if you have pictures to send that might be relevant to
membership, send it along to me at  

See you at the Christmas luncheon next Tuesday.  Bring your stories.  

Christmas Cheers,

Joy Jondahl,

Communications Director.