Hi Membership,

Christmas has such high expectations, doesn’t it?  For some of us fortunate ones, those expectations are met, and we do have
a joyous and peaceful Christmas.  But tragedies happen regardless of the time of the year.  The deaths of the two little girls in
Oak Bay come quickly to mind.

It is natural, though,  for us to hope that tomorrow, or that  this year will be better;  that our health will be better, that our
friendships  will endure, and that our family will be loving and safe.

Some sad news  about Dee Dewitt’s husband, who recently passed away.  But he lived a long life…he was 102 years old if I
heard this correctly.

The highlight of December’s activities was our annual luncheon.  As always, the food was delicious.  Thanks to everyone for
bringing such good goodies.  Here are some pictures from the lunch:  the crowd, the luncheon dishes,  Joan receiving her
congratuatory mug for attending the most sessions, and Rory reading Caroline’s story of her childhood Christmas in Wales.

Now the preparations for the Spring Show begin.  May I remind you all that any member interested in having a painting
considered as a possibility to appear in the 2018 Show Poster or in the Bookmarks, should submit an image of their
painting to Bonny Myers by January 12th. The painting must meet the Criteria for Show Paintings sent out to you some time
ago,  and must be available for purchase.

Start talking to your friends and family about coming to the Show that starts Tuesday, March 20th.

Remember this scene any of you?  Yes, Parksville.  Where we painted a couple of years ago.  I tried painting this very
scene on the right.  Larry wanted  me to remind members that we will be going back to Parksville in the fall for the annual
Paint Out. Talk to Larry about planning ahead.
Happy New Year everyone.  

Don’t forget to send photos or member news
before the beginning of the next month.  

Joy Jondahl,
Communications Director.