Nohales Keezes
Amy has been involved with Art since her teens and took-up painting seriously in the nineties. Her work has covered a broad
scope, including Nature & Travel, Portraits and increasingly, Modern & Abstract paintings, using Acrylic, Oil and Mixed Media.

She has participated in numerous official workshops and Art Shows and also organized training programs covering multiple art
subjects with leading artists and as the Program Coordinator for various dynamic Art groups.

She has been a member of leading Art Associations in Ontario and British Columbia for years and is an active member of
several local organizations, among them the Victoria Sketch Club and the Oak Bay Art Club.
Art has always been a passion for Amy, both while
standing in front of a canvas, and in the way she perceives
the world surrounding us through the senses. For her,
nature is the best canvas, with its vibrant moods and
colours, lights and shadows.  Depicting landscapes
through the filter of her emotions has always been a
favourite subject matter.
Just as time goes by and life experiences change the way we perceive the world, her art has evolved beyond the realistic into a
more introspective expression, becoming more Impressionistic and Abstract.  The surroundings get filtered through the
experiences of every day existence and the results become a more complex reality on that canvas, a mirror of the soul.
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