Shutse Lou

My paintings are personal investigations into
the interaction between Eastern and Western
culture. They express how I see and feel about
my subject; how I interpret it intuitively and
spiritually by using visual language.
"The scenery of B.C. is a major subject in my painting. The snow-capped mountains, deep green forests, and clear blue skies
have inspired me to create a personal interpretation of the harmony possible between man and nature. I combine Eastern and
Western materials, techniques, and concepts to create visual statements of the West Coast. My Chinese aesthetic sensibility
infuses Western ideas in my original art works.

I adapt a variety of techniques and thoughts from the West, but emphasize my oriental originality. I employ Chinese brushes,
rice paper and ink, mixing with watercolour, gouache and acrylic to create visual statements of the landscape of North America.  
Chinese ink, the essential material of Chinese Brush Painting, remains a dominant element in my work, but vibrant colour plays
an important role. I blend the old and the new to forge a contrast between ink and colour, between the ancient traditions of
Chinese painting and the rapidly-changing world of Western art.

“Lifelike spirit” is the source of all great art. However, I pay more attention to the artistic forms, shapes and vitality of the objects.
The purpose of my landscape paintings is not to explain the world, but rather to pursue a universal balance between nature and
the artist.  Art must be natural yet spontaneous.  
I continue to pursue a personal direction in expanding the limits of Chinese Brush Painting to challenge the conservatism of
traditional art and to push the self-imposed limits of conventional painting."
Andy Lou, a renowned full time artist, was born in China and educated in the United States. Andy's teaching experience began
in 1988 when he received his MFA degree from the University of North Texas. He offers workshops through out Canada, the
States and China, focusing on guiding people to find a personal approach to painting. Andy's mixed media, cross-cultural
paintings have been exhibited and collected worldwide. Andy received numerous awards, including the Juror's Choice Award
from Sidney Fine Arts Show in B.C. Andy is also a co-author of three books on Chinese Brush Painting.

Andy writes: