Anne Bowen
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Although born in England, I grew up in British
Columbia surrounded by mountains, ocean, and
forests.  This environment nurtured a curiosity and
love for the natural world.  My passion for travel,
gardening, photography and hiking in the
backwoods has provided many of the images of the
plants, wildlife and landscapes that are the
inspiration for many of my paintings.
A background in stained glass work and landscape design has given me a solid understanding of the importance of shape, form
and color.  The acrylic paint that I use facilitates spontaneity, allowing for both watercolor effects or heavy impasto textural
possibilities.  Working with a vibrant palette and careful attention to composition, subtle shades and contrast helps create the
dynamic effects in my work.
Whether it be a dreamy landscape, a large  splashy floral or a small, intimate still life, I am fascinated with the interplay of light
and shadow on the subject.  I believe that art should be presented in a way that facilitates the viewer's own memories of and
emotions to the subject and enhances the positive, energizing qualities in our lives.
Anne has attended  workshops by Janice Robertson and by Brian Simons but most of her training was done in New Zealand at
the art college there. She is a member of the Victoria Chapter of the Federation of Canadian Artists; a member of the Saanich
Peninsular Arts and Crafts Society; the Community Arts Council of Greater Victoria and the Victoria Sketch Club, where she
plays an active role in the Club's programs and communications.