Barry's personal journey as an artist began at a very young age in multicultural Toronto in the 1960's, in a
progressive nuclear family influenced by Scandinavian design and his mother's lifelong love of painting.  

In his youth he attended Saint Michael's College School, where educating the whole person included four
years of art study. This provided a strong background in technique as well as art appreciation and history.
Subsequently Barry's ongoing love of learning encouraged him to take numerous courses and workshops.

Barry's professional career for 25 years (approximately 40,000 hours) as a practising dentist reflected his
regard for the art and science of dentistry in truly equal measures- colour matching with very subtle hue,
value and chroma in a variety of dissimilar materials( resin, porcelain, natural human tissue), together with
the sculpting of synthetic materials resulting in exquisite form and function.

Due to a recent disability Barry had to stop practising dentistry and turned once again to watercolour and
acrylic, where Barry can pace himself according to his physical limitations. His subject matter is drawn from
a lifetime of outdoor activity and international travel.

Barry enjoys membership in the Oak Bay Art Club  and the Victoria Sketch Club.
From the outset Barry was
encouraged to develop
creativity and expression
through painting, sculpting
and music.