Born and raised in Australia, Frances Kerridge, known as Franny, immigrated to Canada in her twenties and  
lived in Vancouver before moving to Victoria some twenty years ago. Franny brings a diverse background of
experience, raising three children, following a nursing career and stays in England, Italy and France.

Franny studied 18th century art in Paris, then later re-kindled her interest in art while in Vancouver and
graduated from the Emily Carr School of Art and Design. In Victoria,she taught Art In Schools as a volunteer
for four years. Franny loves to paint people and paints for the fun of it.

A recent member of the Victoria Sketch Club, Franny has found the plein air sessions a lot of fun and looks
forward to lending a hand during the Fall and winter sessions.
Inspirations for me are expressionist
painting, the creative process and
children's art.