At an early age Janet eagerly signed up for extra-curricular classes and workshops.  During a busy life as a Chartered
Accountant and mother of two children she continued to participate regularly in workshops and classes in watercolour, acrylics
and drawing. She enjoyed participating in classes with a variety of artists such as Zolton Szabo, Wanda Lock, and Alex Fong,
plus summer courses at Okanagan Summer School of Art and Okanagan University College

Janet spent a significant portion of her life in the Okanagan, as well as a few years in the Northwest Territories and previously
in Vancouver.  She now happily resides in Victoria.

Retirement from teaching at Okanagan College has enabled her to pursue her desire to devote time to art and develop her
artistic voice.  She is currently using watercolour and working on realistic paintings of objects from the local surroundings often
using personal photographs as reference material.

As well as her membership in the Victoria Sketch Club Janet has experience as the Shows and Exhibitions Coordinator in the
Oak Bay Art Club and is an Active member of the Federation of Canadian Artists.
From school age, Janet has been interested in
visual arts. She is intrigued by the way the image
emerges on the paper during the painting
process to reveal itself and tell a story.