Joan's creative side in
culinary, crafts and the
enables her to
capture eclectic
compositions with a sure
Joan's evolving interest in painting has been influenced partly by fellow club artists and by careful study of
works at local galleries.

She delights in finding subjects of special interest  whether they be a still life, a memorable moment, or
intriguing  patterns of light or shadow. Once chosen, canvas, paints and brushes are summoned  and
VOILA!!! a new painting is born!

In Winnipeg, from 2010 - 2012, Joan was mentored by David Cooper, an acrylic artist and instructor; in BC,
more recently, she studied oils under Nicole Sleeth. Unabated in her appetite she plans further instruction
and direction.

Since 2015 Joan has been an active member of the Victoria Sketch Club. Not only has she displayed her
talents as a painter, but, to the delight of the members, she has shown her versatility by weekly baking of
mouth-watering goodies.

You can see more of Joan's paintings by clicking on this Instagram link: