My early life was in Thailand. After
university, I became a journalist, writer and
a volunteer with a focus on the human
rights movement for women and children

At times the work was stressful and
pressured. Meditation and creating art
helped me relax.
I love painting. After coming to Canada I had more time for it, and dived in, so that art became a much bigger part of my life.
I  get inspiration from the natural beauty surrounding us. My favorite subjects are flowers and landscapes in watercolour, acrylic,
and Chinese brush.  
I have been in the Sidney Fine Arts Show, the  Moss Street Paint-In, Artists In A Country  Garden with the Horticultural centre of
the Pacific and others too.

I am a member of Victoria Sketch Club ( VSC ) and Community Art Council of Greater Victoria (CACGV) .  My website is and I have a shop as Niramon on