Award winning artist, Nirmala was born and educated in Trinidad, West Indies, and UBC  Her studies included  a
focus on Indian, Chinese and Japanese art, the history of art, design fundamentals and the techniques of the old
masters. Instructors Tony Onley and BC Binning were among many of her influential teachers.

Nirmala enjoys the challenges of painting plein air as well as commissioned and studio projects, and portraiture, and
her paintings reflect her fascination with light and atmosphere.  

Travels to India, Mexico and various art museums in Europe, and an appreciation of the old masters and art culture in
general continue to inspire her.

Nirmala has been an enthusiastic member of the Victoria Sketch Club since 2008
. She was honoured to receive the
the Best Work on Canvas at the Sidney Fine Art Show 2007, Juror’s Choice and Honourable Mention awards in other
exhibitions and has participated in numerous joint and solo exhibitions as well as artist in residence at Laurel point in
Artishow and TD Moss street paint-in to name a few.

Her paintings are in private collections in Canada, Mexico, Barbados, Trinidad, US and UK and Japan. Visit her
website to see more of her art and latest paintings.
A love for drawing led to painting in
watercolour, acrylic and oil.  Her work
covers a range of subject matter evocative
of a time and place.

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