Ray Goldsworthy

I attended the School of Architecture at UBC - attracted to it, in part, by the beautiful student drawings I had seen on display.
The director of the school was convinced that all we budding architects should be “Renaissance Men” so the teaching staff
included well known artists Lionel Thomas and B.C. Binning and architects Arthur Erickson and Ron Thom as well as
engineers and urban planners. We even had mandatory two-week sketch camps before classes started in the fall

Since retiring as a practicing architect and joining the Victoria Sketch Club in 2006 my art has grown to include paintings
inspired by my work and travels in the United Arab Emirates, Hawaii, France, Yukon and throughout B.C.
I have always drawn.  
As a boy, I admired and copied the work of the comic
strip artists Hal Foster and Chic Young. Later, it was the
adventure book illustrators N.C. Wyeth and Howard Pyle.
They were, and still are, great role models for anyone
who  enjoys the art and craft of telling a story through