As an admirer of Emily Carr's works, Ruth Beninger finds it nostalgic to belong to Emily's sketch club of
long ago.  Before moving to Victoria in 2015, Ruth was a member in the artists' cooperative, 'The Uptown
Gallery', in Waterloo Ontario and was also a member of 'The Button Factory' sketch club. Now she is
blessed to be painting Emily's trees on Emily's coast.

Ruth's study of the arts began with Calligraphy studies with Alf Ebsen in Toronto, 1978. Drawing and
painting courses followed in university and She graduated on the Dean's Honour List from the University of
Waterloo with an Honours, Fine Arts, Studio Major. During the last 10 years, retirement has allowed her to
get back to 'brushing up' her skills through art travel opportunities in Italy, France, and Mexico where she
studied with Tony Urquhart, Doug Mays and Donna Dickson.

Now, here in Victoria , revelling in the joy of connecting with spirit in nature, Ruth sketches to capture that
flicker of joy.
My sketches are selective glimpses of  
the moods nature reveals in stillness.
Absorbed in the peacefulness, pen
touches paper and line flows. Each
sketch captures a moment.