Susan has been painting for the last fifteen years following a successful career as a ceramic artist.  A
graduate in Ceramics from Sheridan College, School of Crafts and Design, she was the recipient of grants
and awards as well as being represented in the Claridge Collection and the Mobilier Diversion Collection.

Following a move to Ottawa, she switched from ceramics to painting.  Building on general art courses taken
at Sheridan College, she studied painting through courses and workshops at the Ottawa School of Art
downtown and at the Shenkman Arts Centre campus.  While in Ottawa, she was a member of the juried
artists’ cooperative Ottawa Art Sales and Lending, and her work was represented in the Art Sales and
Rental office of the Ottawa Art Gallery.

Describing her process, Susan explains that her paintings may take the form of an individual lost in reverie,
with the internal experience only hinted at.  
"The emergent image takes me inside the experience of
dreams and memories.  These representations are often ambiguous and are expressed through layers,
erasures, distortions, juxtapositions and lost edges - all ways of communicating the fleeting, inarticulate
worlds within.”
I like to paint the silent
moments and the quiet
times when my thoughts
turn inward.
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