Virginia has had a lifelong interest in
art, though has only been able to
pursue it fully in the past 8 years since
retiring as a Primary School Educator
Her inspiration comes from her deep love
of nature and what it has to teach us.  
Her art is also informed by her interests
in the disciplines of anthropology,
philosophy, science, astronomy, and
spirituality in all its forms.

Virginia's paintings, for the most part, are symbolic and visual metaphors for abstract ideas and concepts, hinted at within the
context of much, or little realism, as well as sometimes in the title of the piece.  It is her attempt to show that we can look more
deeply into what we call reality and see the everyday world with greater consciousness and imagination - at a level of  reality
that is beyond the senses and which enlarges its profound beauty.  Our first impression is often not the whole of the story and
more  meaning can be found upon deeper engagement, which takes us on a journey beyond the visual, beyond the names and
labels, and beyond our preconceived and often limited perceptions.

Virginia works both conventionally and intuitively.  Her mediums are primarily acrylics and oil. She also enjoys creating small
sculptural pieces in clay, and is exploring Encaustics.

Until recently Virginia has been a very active member of the Oak Bay Artists Club, serving as Secretary. More recently she has
been invited to join the Victoria Sketch Club.
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